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Bannie Williams

Hello! I’m Bannie. I am a Nutritionist, author of my debut book The Smoothie Manifesto and founder of The Healthy Ingredient.

My nutrition and health philosophy is quite straight forward. I don’t believe in trends, fads or restrictive diets; I believe in nourishing the body with as many nutrients as possible and steering clear of anything processed or refined. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a ‘one diet fits all approach’. I believe it is about listening to your body and learning what works for it and what doesn’t.

I am proud to have created and photographed the recipes on The Healthy Ingredient as well as in my book, The Smoothie Manifesto.

Bannie is a registered Associate Nutritionist with The Nutrition Society Australia.

The Healthy Ingredient

The Healthy Ingredient is a nutritional consultancy based in Melbourne, lead by Bannie Williams.

The Healthy Ingredient offers a number commercial nutritional services including:

- Health food recipe development
- Nutritional menu design and consulting
- Freelance health writing
- Nutritional data
- Product analysis
- Nutritional staff education
- Event speaking and wellness education

The Healthy Ingredient has worked with the following brands:

- Five:am Organic yoghurt
- Green Cup
- Organic Avenue
- Loving Earth
- Naturals
- One Hot Yoga

Published editorial portfolio:

- The Smoothie Manifesto
- Nourished Journal
- Women’s Health Magazine
- CLEO Australia
- Birdee Magazine
- The Carousel
- Fashion Journal
- Sporteluxe
- Four Protein
- Fashion Journal